And it kills football too!

February 16, 2008

IPL can do many wonderful things, but Modi isn’t fine with just that. He now believes that IPL will put an end to football’s incursions into India. Sometimes you wonder if Enron sent a consignment of their favorite weed to these clowns. They want a free market which they control. They milk the publicity of mammoth deals that are years away from being realised.

Do you get the feeling that if Modi could banish every other channel, and form of entertainment, except for the channel that his cricket was on, he’d do it?

 Speaking of which, here’s an interesting story about a university student who played in the recent ICL. Earlier this week he was ejected from his university game when Ratnakar Shetty came to know he was playing.

Things like this make me want to hug the BCCI.


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