A round-up of the bids later

February 20, 2008

But it’s already so exciting. Sid Monga of Cricinfo records IS Bindra gushing, “It’s my privilege to be associated with something that is unique in world cricket. I have never seen anything so riveting and so absorbing and so exciting even on the field. It’s amazing drama.”

I know where he’s coming from.

Two things. One: Does the $900,000 winning bid for Kallis surprise you as it does me? He has only played three T20 games so there’s not much you can come away with from that record. But he has a one-day strike-rate of around 71. And since he and Rahul Dravid often play similar roles in their batting line-up, I wonder what the franchise is thinking. Speaking of which, I think Dravid is totally worth it. He’s one of the finest finishers we’ve had, so scoring quickly isn’t going to be an issue with him here. Also, since Kallis is known to play for his average, how much sense does it make to have him play T20 at that price? Which leads me to…

Two) Will all-rounders be valued more than they otherwise would be, given the short nature of the game? 


2 Responses to “A round-up of the bids later”

  1. vikram Says:

    Rahul, agree with your point on Dravid – his finishing skills for India have always been under appreciated.

    Bangalore’s picks puzzle me. After Kallis, why also take Jaffer (almost no ODI/T20 experience) AND Chanderpaul (ODI strike rate of 70). Considering that guys like Michael Hussey and Scott Styris went so cheaply, these picks by Bangalore seem even more bizarre.

    All-rounder do seem to be getting higher valuations – Pathan brothers, Cameron White, Albie Morkel all went for much higher than I anticipated.

  2. Rahul Says:

    Yeah, Bangalore is seriously puzzling. Apparently they asked around for advice and one suggestion that came their way was: don’t go for the ageing stars because the contract lasts three years, and one of the first guys they go for is Kumble. I’d have gone for half the New Zealand side and thrown in a Dhoni or an Uthappa and a Bracken. 5 mil was too little money.

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