Dad’s recommendations for the bidding process

February 20, 2008

“Make the whole thing electronic and put it on live TV. Give the bidders booklets on strengths and weaknesses. Throw up numbers on the players being bid for before the bidding for the player starts. Live analysis.”

I totally agree. Sony missed out on seriously high TRPs. 


5 Responses to “Dad’s recommendations for the bidding process”

  1. srivaths Says:

    For all his American sports education, I guess Lalit Modi has never seen an NBA or NFL draft. Also, allowing trades between teams would be a great way to generate excitement.

  2. Rahul Says:

    I think transfers will happen from next year. But again, the bit that excites me most is the analytical tools that will hopefully be developed to judge effectiveness. Delhi hiring TA Sekar was a masterstroke, I thought. They’re never going to have a fast bowler out of form for too long. And this is a league where consistency will be prized above everything else. What about you? Are you looking forward to this?

  3. srivaths Says:

    Yes I’ve been thinking of these issues myself. I follow basketball very closely and the use of advanced metrics there is mind-boggling, so much so that they’ve almost become mainstream. There used to be a time when the guys who used to come up with this stuff were thought of as Moneyball geeks languishing on the edges of the internet. Now they’re being hired by teams and the Rockets have gone as far as making one such geek GM. Another area I hope to see drastic innovation in is fitness training and injury management. Again there are precedents in the NBA. Will try to expand on this soon.

  4. Rahul Says:

    Regarding fitness and injury management, I wonder whether Delhi’s deal with TA Sekhar includes his helpers – a physio and doctor – who run a very effective outfit.

    Do you see advanced metrics being used in cricket, where the weather plays such a large role?

  5. srivaths Says:

    I started to write about the quant issue and it turned out to be quite long so I’ve put it up here. The simple answer is I think a yes.

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