Effective teams? Maybe later

February 22, 2008

Was thinking about the composition of teams. Perhaps these teams aren’t going to be too effective in the near future. I guess if you’re a company where image is everything, and you could well face a backlash if you tried dropping Tendulkar, why would you do it? So whether he goes through poor form is irrelevant, because you’re expecting something other than just performance from him.


2 Responses to “Effective teams? Maybe later”

  1. srivaths Says:

    This still does not explain Bangalore’s selection. They’re stacked with dull batsman (Rahul Dravid is not one of them) who’d do even worse in a TV interview. Charu Sharma might be the first exec to get fired.

  2. Rahul Says:

    I have no idea what Bangalore is thinking, if they are at all. Like I said, Charu’s good for putting idiots in their place on television. About his professional career, I shrug.

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