The first challenge

February 25, 2008

The idea to reserve 100 crore for Commenwealth games athletes came from Sharad Pawar, the Times of India said today. Was Mr. Pawar’s decision because of this? And this? Whatever Thackeray and the commies’ intentions, they’ve now got the BCCI bothered. This is unlikely to die down soon, and it will probably take a lot more gift-giving by the cricket board to make them stop. And if it doesn’t stop before the league’s first matches start in April, well, the oiled pitches technique has been a favourite. 


2 Responses to “The first challenge”

  1. Mohan Says:

    One way for bcci to counter these politicians is to project IPL as an initiative to benefit Indian economy. They should explain to people that under the existing system, ICC and various boards are looting money from Indian market. When we sit in front of our TVs to watch Indian team playing in Australia or a World Cup, it is CA and ICC that rake in millions. With IPL, that will change. Whatever money is generated stays within the country. Sure a few foreign players get paid a few millions, but that is nothing compared to how much money is going to the coffers of various boards and ICC at present.

  2. Rahul Says:

    🙂 Fair point!

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