Loyalty to good design

March 18, 2008

The rockets just lost a wicket and a section of the crowd went up. This section of the crowd goes up for anything, really, or anyone. This can’t be good for the guys looking for loyalty. How to build city loyalties, how to make them loyal to your team, etc. I don’t know if I’d care initially. Considering the crappy the names they’ve given themselves are, there are several I wouldn’t be attracted to. But how cool is Kolkata Knightriders? Maybe a nice uniform or something would do the trick. Good packaging. Maybe the loyalty will be to something we can see, like great design and communication.

Does it feel like ‘Mumbai Indians’ is derived from ‘New York Yankees’? And does it feel as crappy to you as it does to me? 


4 Responses to “Loyalty to good design”

  1. Abhi Says:

    I don’t think its crappy at all. I think it was Sachin’s call given the “Indians” aspect of it. But its better than Chennai Superkings (read: as opposed to ICL’s Chennai Superstars). I would’ve liked it had the teams been named according to the city’s folklore. Perhaps Kolkata Howrahs? (or thats just really bad. I don’t know but you get the point.)

  2. Manish Says:

    Yep..the first thought that came to my mind upon reading the names was the total lack of creativity. Even Kolkatta Knightriders is most likely to have been thought by a desperate need for ‘double Ks’

    Mumbai Indian sucks biggest, indeed! Even Mumbai United would have been a less sucky derivation (and I didnt spend even a minute to come up with this one).

    Utter rubbish..I say. Definitely not looking forward to IPL (or ICL).

  3. Ottayan Says:

    I think the names fall flat because we compare them to the names in the other leagues abroad.

    Give the franchisees some time. Lets us see how they take their brands forward.

  4. Vinay Says:

    Well…what about the Bangalore Royal Challengers…Its a mouthful which I would gladly guzzle up if it were a drink…but with a team name like that, Mallya’s got some savvy marketing to think of!

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