Somebody has to be in control

April 7, 2008

There’s a pretty good profile of George Clooney up at the New Yorker website. Here’s one delightful passage:

…he has taken the trouble to think his way into the mind of the person inching up to his restaurant table for an autograph, or the friend of a friend who has become a little dizzy in his presence. (“Your job is to find the best way for those people to hold on to their dignity,” he explained to me. “For a second, they have thrown it out. They got what they came for”—the autograph, the handshake—“but then they’re standing there feeling, God, that horrible taste in their mouth: ‘What now, how do I walk away?’ ” As Clooney described it, they have to be shown a path back to their normal selves.)

I mean, you really, really should read it. THe piece has an oddly poetic headline: ‘Somebody has to be in control’.


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