The brighter side of sleeplessness

January 10, 2009

They say sleep won’t come easy by the end of March, when the two of us become three. Babies wake up every two hours, and they wake entire blocks too, I’ve heard. The thought was funny when this was someone else’s problem. Now, through circumstance or deep down preparation, I wake up in darkness, wondering what time it is. And why I woke up. Every breath is audible, and hints at the sleeper’s state. When trash trucks rattle and squeak by below, the breathing is shallow, silent. Then slowly it returns, the deep breath that lingers at the edge of a snore, comforting reassurance of an uninterrupted pattern of life.

The body protests its own decision with a heaviness that doesn’t bode well for the hours to come. Should I get up? Or should I sleep? Is this my decision to make? Closing the eyes does nothing when you’re conscious about it. Making a deliberate effort to slip into sleep isn’t the ideal way, and I only become more aware of every sound and every movement.

The fridge is filled with fruits and vegetables, but not a damn thing to munch on at 3.15. Chips are banned, biscuits are hardly adequate, and there’s no ice cream. There’s no namkeen, either. Unbelievable frustration ensues. I have to visualize a happier time, specifically the years 1997-2001, when the diet consisted of Doritos, Cheetos, and Mountain Dew. Still, nothing to eat at present.

Other countries leave their interesting television content for late nights and early mornings. In India, you have stuff like Revenge of the Happy Plums VI on Star Movies, and killer-worms-hungry-for-human-blood sort-of movies on HBO. Also, there’s no Fashion TV. So nothing in the fridge, and nothing on television. And the PS3 is broken. Which reminds me – and as I write this, I’m suddenly feeling happier – repairing a PS3 takes serious cash. Maybe this is a sign. And there’s a good season coming up for game releases. Suddenly insomnia, or rather being up when no one else is, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Woo.


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