The Grey Lady has our measure

January 11, 2009

The music blog on NYT, Measure For Measure, is an outstanding place to be. I spent yesterday listening to Andrew Bird, one of the blog’s contributors, who is described as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, violinist, and whistler. The last one had me. Anyway, do check out Andrew’s music here. I’m amazed at the no-fuss layout and how easy it is to access music. No hiccups, no downloads, just one click. The ‘Barn Tapes’ sample is gorgeous in a mind-warping way, while ‘Oh No’ is kind of, well, in a word, chirpy. I prefer the first version to the final. And if you like him enough, you might even decide to hear his upcoming album, ‘Noble Beast’ (available if you know where to look). When you do, listen to the first fifty seconds of ‘Effigy’; if my life had a soundtrack, these fifty seconds would be my favourite bit.


One Response to “The Grey Lady has our measure”

  1. ClannZú Says:

    Andrew Bird is fabulous…check out his previous albums The Mysterious Production of Eggs & Weather Systems…some of the most beautiful music ever made. Another band worth checking out is THE DODOS.

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