Shortly after I won a One Show student gold for advertising, exhibited at the Art Directors Club, and was featured in the Design & Art Direction’s Bloodbank, I graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in 2001. It was a promising time, but jobs were in short supply. After September 11, finding one was impossible. I moved to India, where my family had recently relocated from Dubai, convincing myself that India could be interesting for creativity. Naturally, the first place I visited was Ogilvy & Mather. Three days later I was a junior art director. But the new culture was disorienting, and I stayed only four months. Six months later, I left Rabia Gupta Design. Ten months later, I left Enterprise Nexus, wondering if I was capable as an art director. A month after leaving, I approached Sambit Bal of Cricinfo, and in a massive leap of faith he took me on as a writer. I stayed there for two years and six months, and had a minor rethink when a commercial I’d written at Enterprise won a gold Abby. But after this long, it was time for a change. Tehelka was next. Six months of that and I left to write a book. Just then, Mint came by. I liked the idea of covering media, and took it up, but left nearly a year later to continue writing my book. I learnt finances work in funny ways. Back to work, this time with GQ in India. That’s where I am so far.

Areas of interest: Reportage, the media business, cricket


2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Amit Says:

    Dear Rahul,

    Came across your blog while surfing randomly.

    Your insights on cricket are interesting and the language lucid.

    I run a sports media company called iSport Ventures.

    We started up in August and are into a few businesses related to sport already.

    We are looking for sports editors(full time) and writers(full time/part time).

    You think you’d be interested. Let us know.


  2. Ninan T Says:

    Hi Rahul

    Great articles. I would like to run some thing past you. Please email me your personal id. You can get my contact info from my firm website.


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